Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Alex. A dare

Hello blissiers. How's it going? I'm pretty good. Yesterday Alex, in my class dared me to write a blog post about him so I decided to write a very short short story about him. Here it is...

Alex scampered down the dark alley, his tall frame bent over. He held a small briefcase close to his chest. It was battered and scruffy looking from many years of use. He stopped, glanced around and proceeded down another alleyway, this time looking around him as if expecting to see someone.
"Behind you, you dimwit." A voice hissed. Alex spun around standing there was his master Laura.
"Well? Have you got it?" Laura growled.
"Yes yes... Right here... In my case...mmm.... Yes it is" Alex murmured.
"And Maeve was not a problem? After all what could one expect from that blithering idiot."
"No ma'am.... It was like stealing candy from a baby... Yes... Yes it was" Alex muttered.
Just then Charlie stepped out from behind a bin.
"I just recorded that whole conversation!" He announced.
"Why should I care?" Laura mocked.
"Because I also have the case!"
Laura gasped, astounded. She produced a gun and shot Charlie right between the eyes. He crumpled to the ground. Alex giggled nervously. Suddenly Charlie jumped up "you think one bullet is enough to kill me?" He skipped down the backstreet with the case under his arm. The two criminals stood in shock. Charlie could feel the warm blood trickle down his nose. He licked it up hungrily. "What's for lunch" he wondered.

That was my terrible short story. Sorry Alex... I have failed... Ooh well... Night night!