Saturday, 24 August 2013

25 facts about ME

Hey! I got the inspiration for this blog from my good friend Maeve. I hope you take the time to look at her amazing blog :
Today I'm going to tell you 25 facts about myself.

1) My name is Clare.
2) I live with my mum, my dad and my two little brothers.
3) My brothers names are James, 9, and Hugh,6.
4) My birthday is 7th of march. Only 6 months, 2 weeks and 1 day!
5) My favourite book is The Unfortunate Fursey. Its an old book by an Irish author, Mervin Wall, who is long dead.
6) I have no pets BUT I'm getting a hamster in 2 weeks. Yay
7) I play the viola. Its like a violin but bigger and deeper sounding.
8) I love unicorns!!! So much that I had a competition, with my friend Maeve, to see who could do the best unicorn project. My other friend Laura, has yet to announce the winner.
9) I'm from Ireland, The Land of Saints and Scholars, and proud.
10) When I was 6, my mum and I were sitting in the car. When suddenly I burst out " I have a thing for gingers" Don't even ask...
11) My hair has occasionaly been called ( by Maeve ) ginger.
12) I hate being in dept to people so I rarely accept people's help and/or money. But only if I'm expected to pay them back.
13) 13 is my lucky number. But apart from that I don't believe in hocus-pocus-don't-walk-under-a-ladder-stufff.
14) My favourite colour is blue.
15) I live for rashers.
16) I have this dream that I own a really cute pygmy-pig and every day I have to peel at least 3 rashers off him. If I don't, he will get sick or run away.
17) I spend a lot of time at my aunts house, in the country, in tipperary. I love going down there because I love riding her horse. I secretly think he is a Unicorn.
18) I love reading and writing short stories. Most of them only make sence to me...
19) I'm home alone right now.
20) Im struggling to think of facts about me!!! Just shows how boring my life is.
21) I'm on level 35 on pou??? Thought not
22) Maeve and I used to pretend we were vampires. We were so cool
23) When I'm older I want to be a vet or a nurse.
24) One of my good friends moved house yesterday. She wasn't even sad to leave. But we tracked her down and went to see her new house...
25) I'm really good at stalking people.

Wow. I thought of 25 extremely boring facts about me.
My mum just got back so fact 19 is incorrect. Thanks for the idea Maeve.


  1. this was really funny :D you're not boring at all! :)

    1. Thanks. But you don't know the FULL story......

    2. whats THAT supposed to mean...?