Friday, 18 October 2013

Halloween is almost here!

Hiya! How are you? I'm pretty good. In fact i'm very happy. I don't know why but I just am. I don't think I have any reason to be, I just am.

So as my friend Maeve mentioned in a blog post a while ago she is on a debating team. Well actually is the schools very first debating team. Ever.
Anyway I'm on that team also and it's soooooo much fun. It was introduced by one of our teachers and I am only honoured to be part of it. (I'm being slightly sarcastic). No really it's so much fun.
But we had our first debate last Friday against a school not to far from ours. Sadly we didn't win. For some reason though I wasn't upset. That was probably because we got a plate of biscuits afterwards.

Boom boom boom.
Let me hear you say
WAYOO (wayoo)

Sorry about that...

Hey guys, what time of year is it? That's right it's Halloween! Ok seriously Clare get a grip...
Ya! It's almost Halloween! If there is anyone out there reading this what are you dressing up as (if you are at all)
I know I'm dressing up as a "broken porcelain doll". It's a bit boring but I'm not exactly the worlds most inspired, artistic child. All I need to realise is that I never will be.

Next week  I'm probably going down to the country to my aunt. She has a house in this stable witch is haunted... See what I did there?
But the bad bit is there, might not be wifi... Just let that sink in... I feel That is sufficient reflecting. I know from personal experience that me and no wifi don't go well together. Big no no!

And to conclude, here are some nice pictures for you to enjoy.

No.1 Me balancing a raindrop on my finger
No.2 My non-alcoholic beverage
No.3 Laura, me and Maeve. From left to right.

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