Thursday, 24 October 2013

Halloween special

Hello! So as it is Halloween,I decided that it would be nice to have a kind of Halloween special.
I realise that this post won't posted until after Halloween when I get back from my aunties house.

I thought for this post I might do a review of something. I chose to do the review on a book called Wildwood by Colin Meloy. I found this book in my aunts house. I had never heard of it before so I am interested to see what it is about.

Looking at the blurb I get the idea that this girl, Prue McKeel is not one for getting into trouble. In fact she seems to be avoiding it completely! Then her baby brother is abducted by crows and brought of to a forest beyond the city. Prue has to go off to find him and bring him home.Then she seems to go into a magic world called Wildwood. It is full of trouble and magic

So lets get reading!

It seems Prue is a great big sister, every day she brings her little brother Mac to the park. When she's there she likes to draw birds. It's all very peaceful until a murder of crows swoop down and snatch little Mac and bring him off to the Impassible Wilderness! But Prue is determined to retrieve her brother whatever the consequences may be. On the way she meets a classmate who decides, to Prues despair, to tag along with her. When he is kidnapped Prue realises that she will have to save him also. She travels around the magical world meeting magical creatures.

But. Does. She. Save. Mac?

You can find that out for yourself! It's a really good book that I would recommend to anyone, except maybe my dad.

So I hope every one of you have/had a great Halloween!