Saturday, 26 April 2014

Being you

I recently watched a video on YouTube titled How To Get A Boyfriend (don't ask me why). The girl made a number of points and tips. When she came to the topic of makeup and the way you look she said that all boys prefer girls to wear the natural look.
    This YouTuber has a gigantic following and for her to make a statement like that is horrific! Why? Most everyone has something about then that acts as a shield that protects then from other peoples thoughts and words.  That may be a certain hoodie, or a type if hairstyle. For other people it might be a lot of makeup. They find comfort and refuge in putting on layers of makeup. In life most humans also need to be loved and to love. This lady is telling then to pick one or the other! If you have to feel uncomfortable and incomplete around the person who "loves" you, you definitely need to analyse your relationship. There will always be someone loves you and understands you and will let you be.... you!
     My point is that this girl has not got the rights to tell these hundreds of thousands of people how they should look. If your boyf tries to change you (and take you out of your comfort zone) he is definitely not worth your time!

Clare xxx

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