Thursday, 3 April 2014

New me, New blog

Hi guys! Its me, Clare.... Wow, where have the months gone. It's April! I feel terrible about not posting anything for so long. Why have I not been posting? This bog isn't me.

I suppose I've changed since Maeve revamped my blog. I'm now interested in more things. I have a new outlook and I want to have a fresh blog that I'm interested in. I'm talking about this "new blog" but I'm not going to actually make a new blog. I'm just going to bring all the new stuff I want my blog to have to this one.

Nothing is going to drastically change it's just I feel my blog is lacking structure and character which are two things it should definitely have.

I'm so excited for this new look and I hope you will be too. I look forward to setting you in my next post!


1 comment:

  1. You can't hate the night if you've never even seen the light, and you can't hate the dish if you've only ever eaten fish, and you can't feel aloooooone if it's all you've ever knoooown