Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 1: diy bunting

Well hello there! I must say I'm very excited about this Christmas countdown.
It's only 21 days until Christmas Eve!
Are you feeling that Christmas vibe yet.
I certainly am!
I had a cold today so I had to stay home from school :( and I thought what better a way to spend the day (ahhhh it rhymes) than to cuddle up in my pjs with a cuppa and make some festive decorations for my room!
I had some great ideas but my favourite, by far was my Christmas bunting. I think it is a really cute style that you could have in your room all year round. I actually got the idea from my mum. So thanks mum!
I suppose I should show you how I made it.
Until tomorrow my sweet peas!

I hope you enjoyed that.

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