Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 11

Hello! It's already Christmas Eve. Already? I don't really think it has sunk in yet with me. December has flown by, yet something gives me the idea today won't go fast enough. Typical.

Have you got all your Christmas shopping done yet? I would hope so! I obviously have mine done.... Well... There are a few things....

I'm super excited! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's blog post. I'm planning to do a "my day in pictures". I know it'll be Christmas, and my countdown will be technically over but I think that this is what the last 11 posts have been leading up to and it's important that this day is special. I'm currently I'm my grannies house. My brother, James is reading the Argos catalogue (bit late for that), my dad is snoozing in my grannies armchair (nothing new there), and my other brother, Hugh, is playing angry birds.

It's getting late and we're about to leave. See you tomorrow!

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