Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 10

I meant to post this earlier but thanks to no internet I couldn't.

Hey guys! Wassup? It's day 10 of my Christmas Countdown and what's more, Friday was the last day of school... I'm free at last! Really, I was starting to get a bit feed up of school. Sadly, for some reason, my internet isn't working so this will probably be posted a bit late. It is only 3 (no it's not) days until Christmas Eve! I know that I certainly, have been preparing for Christmas. This is a list of some of the things I have been doing to prepare for Christmas/winter.

1. Being EXTRA good in the hope that Santa will be generous.
2. Started fattening my self up for Christmas dinner.
3. Doing a spot of Christmas shopping for friends and family.
4. Practicing the song I will be singing at mass on Christmas Day. Alone.
5. Acquiring Christmassy jumpers. 100% necessary, no exceptions.
6. Painting & redecorating my room. It was in bad need of it.
7. Belting Christmas carols at the top of my voice, around the house. Deafening everyone in the process..
8. Making Christmas Countdown blog posts.
9. Dressing up as a shepherd and embarrassing myself. (I'm pretty positive shepherds didn't wear dressing gowns and tea towels on their heads).
10. Trying to find my mums hiding places for the Nutella. So far I've found it in the towel drawer, the garage, the cabinet for plates and stuff and under the bed.
11. Watching 2+ episodes of Dance Moms. Again completely necessary.
12. Making a crib for school.
13. Watching diy Christmas decoration tutorials for my room.
14. Making diy Christmas decorations.
15. Finally, I have been practising some Christmas carols on my viola for our concert tomorrow.

I'm currently sitting in the car waiting for my Mum to come out of the shops. Boring. I really regret not going in with her but ah well. At least she's getting rashers. I cannot believe it's so close to Christmas!

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