Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 2: Christmas memories!

Hello! It's me again!
Wow only 20 days 'til Christmas!
For this blog post I'm going to tell you about my Christmas memories.
A memory from Christmas that I remember very vividly was when I was about 7.
I woke up in the middle of the night and I really needed to go to the loo. I think I had completely forgotten that it was Christmas! On the way to the bathroom I must have been half asleep because I tripped over something ( just remember that). It was only when I was coming out of the bathroom I remembered the special date. I ran into my brother's room to waken him. We both ran down together not bothering to wake our parents. As we burst into the sitting room we saw that there were the big parcels under the tree! To my great disappointment they were all James'!
I still remember that surge of sadness that swept over me just then. I proceeded to make my way back upstairs to my room.
As my eyes adjusted to the dark in my bedroom I was just able to make out the shape of some parcels. I fumbled excitedly for the light. Sure enough, my presents from Santa were lying out in front of me. Silly Clare....
I was a very strange child especially when I was tired/angry/moody. I remember ages and ages ago I was really mad at someone so I crawled under the Christmas tree and refused to come out. The depressing thing was that nobody cared. In fact my parents were glad to get me out of the way for a while!

Well guys it's been nice telling you some of my Christmas memories.
Until tomorrow my colourful candy canes!

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