Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 4:

Hey guys! It's getting even nearer to the big day. In fact it's only 19 days!

So I decided not to have a specific frame for this blog post and instead, to just update on what is just going on in my life.
I'm currently in heaven here, sitting in my big woolly jumper in front of the fire. Ahhhhh bliss.....
Today we went to Dundrum Shopping Centre (which I, initially thought was a bad idea, what with it being so close Christmas). It actually wasn't as packed as I was expecting! The reason we went, was to get me a decent coat. Maeve and I have christened the coat I usually wear F.A.M.F, bit lately it's been to cold to wear it. That's why my aunt brought me to look at them. While looking I saw some lovely coats, most of which didn't fit me. After looking for a while we realised that there would be more selection in the adults section. It took forever but I finally found the perfect jacket in Gap. And to round it all of, Gap were having a sale so everything was half price so I also got a jumper.  Then we came home to my aunt's and watched a Christmas movie.

It's getting late so I better dash! Love y'all